Friday, March 18, 2011

This is me...sort of?

So one of my weekend projects for my Portfolio class is to gather some information about myself for a website that one of the design majors, who is graduating, is making about all the graduating seniors. We each have to have two pictures of ourselves and some art work up there, along with who we are and what we do, like a digital yearbook, almost. In a way, it's kind of an exciting thought; having my profile up on the school's website for possible clients to view and being able to carve out my own little piece of history. It's sort of special.

But who am I? I feel like over the past three years, I've been trying to figure out who I am and though I have a rough idea, it just doesn't seem like enough. I know I like to draw. I know I like to paint. I know I like a lot of color and whimsy in my work. But is that too vague?

We also have to have a tag line, almost like a Senior superlative, like "the class clown" or something. I'm definitely not that, unless people are laughing at me, rather than with me. I don't really know what I'd be in that area either. I told my mom that I could be "the one with her head in the clouds" and she thought it was stupid, and told me my tag line should just be "tea and cardigans" (which are two of my favorite things), but only a select few would get that. I just don't know.

People who know me in real life--PLEASE comment with any suggestions!

Oh, and yes, I painted that self-portrait. Not sure how accurate it is. I worked from a photo. You can definitely tell. My eyes look too big and my head looks too small.


  1. DON'T do tea and cardigans, just don't. Your work to me does say alot of whimsy, it's vibrant and charming. I'm just gonna make a list of words, that'd be easier for you to read:

    warm (typically, some of your pieces are colder)

    ahh my brain just died. I'll think of more later.

  2. Thank you Danielle! I wasn't about to use "tea and cardigans" or "tea and scones"...I really don't see how those would be relevant.

    But yeah, that list is helpful. I'll think of something by Monday hopefully. :)

  3. I think the main thing is to think of what you want to accomplish with your work. Like, I want to use my art to help people, to enlighten people. So my 'tag' is artist, activist. Simple, to the point, says alot by saying a little. You want it catchy and memorable, but honestly conveying YOU.