Saturday, March 12, 2011

Life Updates and Art Updates

March has been one crazy month so far and we're only 12 days in. Wow! I guess I understand the saying "In like a lion, out like a lamb" now.

I try not to talk about personal issues on here, but I need to address the main reason why this month has been so out of control. Basically, on March 1st, my dad had an aneurysm behind his left knee (while he was home alone) and had to be rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. He's home doing well now. Thankfully he didn't lose his leg, but he will have to go back to the hospital next week to have plastic surgery to patch up his wounds that they left open in order for it to heal properly on the inside.

So my mom and I have been superwomen lately taking care of him aside from leading our everyday lives. Well, actually, my mom hasn't been going to work because of this, but I've still been going to school. We're into the thick of things and it's getting intense. Aside from my dad's medical problems, the stress has been high for me getting myself prepared to graduate and get on with life. It's tough, probably the toughest and most draining thing I've ever done, but I'm staying strong. Speaking of that, I want to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers regarding my dad and thanks for sticking by me in these tough times. It really means a lot to me.

ok new subject...

Today, I went to the Annual Creative Chicago Expo at the Chicago Cultural Center sponsored by Chicago Artists Resource (CAR) . I wanted to try and start doing some networking in the Chicago art community and what better way than at a free expo which basically concentrated a bunch of people in that field in one building. It was completely free, there were giveaways. It was good. Plus, I handed out a few of my freshly made business cards and explained what I do. It was a good experience and I had fun. My friend and I vowed to go again next year.

That's all for right now. I will try and post some art soon. I have quite a bit, I believe.

Also, I may have a very big announcement soon. I probably will, what am I saying? But I always have doubts.'ll find out soon enough. 


  1. So, this is a comment not at all related to your blog post...I follow you on Tumblr (you follow me too, though!) and couldn't find an 'ask' link on your page, so I thought I'd stalk you to a place I COULD ask you a question. And for such a frivolous question, you are going to think I'm a crazy person.
    As you like thing Jane-austeny in nature, I wanted to ask if you had (I can't imagine you haven't, but if not...) watched the BBC miniseries, 'Lost in Austen'...there is even a bit of timey-wimey stuff, as a modern girl gets transported back in time (and fiction) into the pages of her favorite book, 'Pride and Prejudice'.

    Anyway, I imagine you HAVE seen it, but if not, you should.

  2. lol hi! I do have an ask box on tumblr, but I've been told on numerous occasions that it's hard to find. haha sorry about that.

    I HAVE watched Lost in Austen. I saw it first maybe last year as a PBS Masterpiece classic, then for Christmas, I got the DVD. So I've seen it at least twice! Yeah, I pretty much love anything involving time travel and/or Jane Austen. I'm kind of hoping that one day The Doctor visits Regency era England.

    Thanks for sharing though. It's always nice to talk to people :)