Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some Doodles

I finished the ship in a bottle illustration the other day. I'm quite happy with how it turned out. I'd like to maybe illustrate a few more ships in bottles--ones of all different shapes and sizes. It's like I'm creating my own illustrated collection of eccentric little doo-dads.

 Yesterday and today, I've been working on some other random illustrations of doors. "Why doors?", you ask. Well they're not just any old doors. They're somewhat fancy doors, like you would find on a townhouse. Each door is unique and painted a different color. It's like a reflection of the person that lives behind it.

These doors are also making up a collection of unique little illustrations that I'd like to continue with. As for now, I plan on putting them on some items in my online shop!

Speaking of the shop, I'll show off some more of the doodles I have done to put on products, since I haven't really shown them anywhere else.

 Oh look, another sail boat. I have been in such a nautical state of mind lately. I blame Summer and Maine. Not that it's a bad thing.

 Cupcakes are another recurring theme. I don't seem to mind.

This watering can was actually done because I thought up the idea for a greeting card first, but it stands strong on it's own.

Balloon Girl. She looks so Parisian. One of my friends visited Paris this summer and looking at her photos, I think I got into a Paris frame of mind.

I named her "Welly Umbrelly" (and I will trademark that if I have to) because she's wearing Wellies (Wellington Boots) and is carrying an umbrella. I just wanted a sweet, Springy character.

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