Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Artist Inspiration of the Day

Tumblr is wonderful. Tumblr is just the greatest!

I discover a lot of neat art and artists on Tumblr and I found one today that I thought I'd share: David Scheirer.

have you ever seen anything cuter than those puffins?

This is his website:

It looks like he works mainly in watercolor and he has a more traditional rendered style, as well as a whimsical illustrative style, which I am more fond of. His illustrations are just so cute. He's got me all inspired to paint more ocean-y things! Check out his Etsy shop too!

Edit: I just was looking at his blog and it seems he just recently took a trip to Maine! Hence the puffins! I unfortunately, did not see a single puffin while I was there. That's kind of a neat coincidence, though.

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