Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ship in a Bottle

I've long been fascinated by ships in bottles. I really would like to own at least one someday. I guess it's kind of strange that I like things that are nautical and aquatic in nature when I haven't really spent that much time around boats or oceans. In fact, it took me 23 years to see the ocean for the first time ever, but I still love it. The ocean is just filled with so much mystery and beauty. I think that's what attracts me to it.

When I was in Maine, we visited the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath. As one would assume, they had a bunch of ship-building artifacts and nautical things in the display cases, but the things that caught my eye were the ships in bottles. I don't know if I would ever have the patience to build one of these, but I did want to illustrate one.

 This is probably an antique, so I doubt I could ever afford it, but isn't it great. I think ships in bottles are so whimsical. There's that word again. I like the fact that they are small representations of a big thing. I just think they're really special.

 Obviously it's not painted yet. But I like to scan things before I paint them in case it turns out horrible. I'm not thinking that it will, but since I've been working in a looser style, that does happen sometimes. But with this illustration, I tried to make the object come to life more. I played around with the more animated, curly waves and added variations and breaks in the line of the ink. I think I have made the object more my own by doing this.

Also, I'm trying to practice drawing ships and boats. I want it to still look like a ship without being so detailed that you have to use a magnifying glass to see all the little things on it. I mistakenly did not draw or paint any ships while in Maine, so looking back at my photos has helped.

I'll post another update after I add the paint to this piece.

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