Friday, January 28, 2011

More Icons for your viewing pleasure

I've been working on a lot of icons for Advanced Illustration lately, as you might know, from a previous post.

For some reason, they've all been food-related. I think I just like food. I watch a lot of Food Network and Cooking Channel and I just can't help the fact that food is awesome. And some foods are just so pretty and/or cute that someone like me wants to draw and paint them.

So here is what I've done lately:



A teacup (surprise, surprise)

more teacups (messier ones)

a mocha...or hot chocolate. Either way, delicious.


Some of these have some thicker lines incorporated, that is a result of using a brush pen for some of the linework. My instructor suggested I do that, after showing him some of the icons. I think next week in class, I'm going to try incorporating some of these into some actual real-world uses, like on the fronts of journals, address books and recipe books.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend, I plan on doing a lot more icons. I'd also like to try incorporating this looser style into maybe some portraits or faces. I bought a Nylon magazine today and I was starting to get a little inspired to recreate some of the pretty bows, jewelry and makeup in watercolor and ink. I'll keep you posted.

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