Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bring on the Sweets!

So, I am two weeks into Spring 2011 semester at school and I've already done my first project for Advanced Illustration. Unfortunately, though I have no pictures or scans of it so you can't see it just yet. But I will try to get those up as soon as possible!

But, after having a chat with my instructor, we decided that a good route for me to go this semester (to strengthen my portfolio) is to do some splashy little watercolor icons. It sounds like a breeze, right, but it's not. For me, being spontaneous in my art is actually a lot more difficult than being meticulous.

We discussed these icons possibly being used on stationary, restaurant menus, greeting cards, cosmetics...etc. I could be a maven and have my own brand! That would be awesome! So, today I decided to start practicing a little bit...

It's really no secret that I have a really big sweet tooth, so cupcakes and chocolate were the first thing that came to mind when starting these. I'm in the process of thinking up more subject matter for these. My mom suggested sushi, but I would like to do more than just food--as cute as sushi would be. I told my instructor that I'd like to do a bunch of "girlie and cute" icons, because, well, I like things that are girlie and cute. I'm thinking possibly nail polish, perfume, jewelry, bows, umbrellas, and even animals might make future appearances.

When doing these pieces, I first loosely sketched them out in pencil. I did this from both memory and online photo references, then I added ink using Micron pens. That was different for me since I usually ink after the addition of watercolor, but the ink didn't run. I think I was probably just paranoid in the past that it would once water was in the equation. But it was all part of the free, go-with-the-flow experience. And it didn't run, obviously. The ink lines stayed clean and the translucent watercolor looked great over it. I tried to give each icon a bit of life and personality by painting outside of the lines, mixing colors right on the paper and adding accents outside of the drawing (like the sprinkles and hearts are jumping out of the dessert).

I'm liking how these are turning out and I'm enjoying the process of making them. What do you guys think?

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