Friday, February 18, 2011

The Cutting Room Floor: Splashy icons

Hello, all

I've been neglecting again, but in my defense, I haven't felt all that great lately. I don't know if I'm sick, or if it's just the Winter blues, or whatnot. But I've been tired and stressed and just not in a good mood in general.

I've been working on various projects for Advanced Illustration since I last posted here. My critique for the food icons went well. I hope that I can someday use them for real life things--although that might be sooner than I think since I used one of the teacups on my business card that I made for portfolio class (which I intend to have actually made), as well as the cherries on a cd label for the same class.

After that project, I decided to do cosmetic icons to be used in a similar way (as stickers, to be put on journals, address books, etc.) But for some reason, I just wasn't feeling them. I'll show you anyway, for the heck of it. I do like them, but something just didn't seem natural about painting them. Art is also about feeling and emotion to me as much as it is making money in the future. If I don't feel right about it, then I move on to something else.

Then I wanted to do some fashion portraits, but I also wasn't feeling those.

I don't know, I've been really into water and oceanic things lately. I've never even seen the ocean in real life.
And jellyfish. I just love jellyfish!

Anyway, I just wanted to show you some icons/paintings that maybe didn't make the cut right now, but possibly will in the future. Tell me what you think of them!

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