Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pyramid of Done-ness time!

Did some more painting on The North Creek Farm Barn painting today. I believe it is very close to being finished, if not finished. Like I said before, I don't want to over paint it. Tell me what you guys think!

And I am willing to add things and make changes to this (though, keep in mind, I can't erase very easily as it is done in watercolor). I want this to be a really great piece. I plan on entering it in the Sons of Turner Premier exhibition in September.


  1. Maybe at the doors, because the windows are so dark, you can push some of the darks by the bottom of them? If it's that dark in there, 'd think that'd be something that would show in the cracks/holes in the wood : ) It's just pushing contrast so the doors pop like the rest of the painting. Other than that, I really like it alot!!!

  2. I agree with dani. I'd add some graining to the doors to give it a more weathered look. That way it'll look more uniform with the rest of the weathered barn.

    Overall a really beautiful piece, Emily. nice work!

  3. Dani, there are these bricks or stones at the foot of the door...I tried painting them in, but you can't really tell. Maybe I should just darken it. That might look better.

    Yeah, I agree about the woodgrain on the doors, now that you mention it, Lucas.

    Thanks for your input, guys! :)