Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yet another self portrait to add to the collection

My final project for Advanced Figure Drawing is a self portrait in an environment. I have to admit that one of my least favorite things to draw is myself. Not to mention that it is an absolutely gorgeous day here and I have trapped myself in my room with the blinds down (so as not to screw up the lighting) to paint the darn thing.

But I suppose I could say that it is going well. It already looks far better than all of my past self portraits:

from Life Drawing 102 (my first Life Drawing class at The Academy)

I don't think it looks very much like me. It didn't even look very much like me back when I actually drew it (in 2008)

Then there was this one which I did for Life Drawing for Illustrators just last year.
This one looks even worse to me. But in all fairness, I did this one in two hours! That was the point. My instructor decided to take that day off (which was the day before Halloween, if I remember correctly...I was not in costume for the school's Halloween party) and had us all come in during class time and do a quick self portrait. The lopsidedness of my eyes is really bothering me now.

When I finish the self portrait I am currently working on, I will definitely put it up here. Hopefully, within the past year progress has been made.



  1. I think that both of them, respective flaws aside, look good for the time frame and experience level that they were made. I'm sure that you have made progress though. :D

    Also, copypasta from the other posts I've made because I'm not sure that you got this...

    "Yo. I saw your journal entry on DeviantART. Just popping in to inform you that the name that you were going to use, onawhim, was taken. I was going to post immediately after the comment I already made on your page, but you had already deactivated your account so I wasn't able to reach you.

    You were also misinformed about Fall Out Boy breaking up, by the way. But you wouldn't be the only one. They're simply taking a siesta is all... but the media took things that the band said out of context and it just became this huge mess. The entire band has already made statements to the effect of "nobody has left the band, we haven't broken up, we're just doing our own thing for a while", so there's no need to worry about that.

    I also contacted you on Twitter because I wasn't sure whether or not you'll be able to get this in time, so please, don't mind me repeating myself."

  2. I'd like to think that I have improved. I've had a lot of practice drawing faces--my own included.