Saturday, April 17, 2010

"On the Night You Were Born" Illustrations

The last project we did in Illustration was a four-week assignment to illustrate both a book jacket and two-page spread for a children's book.

My heart leapt at the opportunity! I love getting the chance to illustrate and paint something whimsical, pretty, name it.

My instructor brought in a book to inspire us and I ended up liking the idea so much, that I chose to illustrate that book. The book's title? On the Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman.  There isn't really a plot line or a main character, since it is a book meant for very young children. But it tells the child all of the special things that happened the night they were born. I almost wish I had that book when I was younger. The poetic imagery was fantastic, but the illustrations (a mix of what appeared to be digital, painted, photography, and collage...whew) needed some work.

I wouldn't say that my take is better, but what do you think?

jacket (cover, spine, back cover):
I'm a little disappointed with how the cliff turned out. A lot of people that I have showed this to were convinced that it was a sandy shore. How many light houses are right on the edge of a beach? They're usually slightly elevated, right? I did some photo research for that, but I still don't think it was successful. Also, the poppies do not look convincing. This is why I saw the illustration for the spread as sort of a second chance.

 I thought this piece was more successful, flora-wise. I used photo references for the poppies, purple cone flowers and ladybugs. All of which can be found in my front yard during Spring and Summer. Though my green-thumbed mother was nice enough to tell me that both of these flowers would not bloom at the same time. What can I say? I took some artistic liberties. But aside from that, the sky is bothering me. I did doctor this a little in Photoshop, but I think I should have payed more attention to the sky on the right-hand side. It's way too light.

But all in all, I really enjoyed this assignment.

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