Wednesday, November 2, 2011

And it's finished!

So, I don't know why I haven't updated lately, but I finished the four-piece flower set I was doing for my aunt about two weeks ago. I guess I have had a few things going on since then that have prevented me from posting it on here, but here is the final piece finished:

 Those are Cornflowers, which before I did some research on, I knew very little about. They are actually really pretty blue and purple flowers. I gave all four paintings to my aunt a couple weeks ago and she was really pleased with them. I was so glad. I held them up against the wall in her living room and they coordinate with the room's color scheme very well. I had been keeping that in mind the whole time I was doing this project. I am also happy with this set. I would gladly hang them on my own wall, but I'm especially happy that my aunt liked them.

I also have been just working on random little paintings here and there. Sometimes I just get the urge to doodle, and with that, comes the urge to paint that doodle. It usually happens late at night too, like as my eyelids are starting to droop and I'm yawning every five seconds. That is just how my mind works, I guess. So I thought I'd just show you some of these little doodles.

 I actually did this because I wanted a new icon/profile picture for some websites I am on, like twitter, facebook, tumblr. So far, I've only put it as my twitter icon. I wanted a look to my twitter account that was completely done by me. So this is me in a nutshell, surrounded by some of my favorite things as cute little icons--a starfish (for my love of the ocean and the beauty of the sea), a teacup (do I need to explain this one?), a heart (because I follow my heart, not my head, usually), a bunny (because I love cute animals), a poppy (my favorite flower) and nail polish (because I like to paint my nails). It's a more cartoon-y, cute drawing of me. I am not that cute, but I think it still looks like me because of my purple glasses, scarf and of course a cardigan. I also, am exploring the idea of my own handwritten font/logo. Whenever I hand-write things, they always end up in this sort of style.

two more logo designs with a tea theme...which leads to the next set of doodles...

Guess what. These are actually painted using tea! Go ahead and call me crazy, though I really don't think it is that insane. I am definitely not the first person ever to paint with tea. And it is actually not the first time I, myself, have ever painted with tea. When I used to work on school projects in Grade School and Middle school and it required an aged look to the paper or something, we used tea to do that. Tea staining gives an antique look. I used that same idea here. But I wanted to be literal about it. I drew some little teacups (each with their own unique pattern and shape), then used hot tea to do a wash over them, then added watercolor. I used Earl Grey and Green Tea. The Earl Grey, being a black tea, gave a darker wash to the paper, while the Green was a lighter, more yellow-toned color.

I actually used the teacups as my twitter background. I like how it came out. I think I will be doing more tea paintings in the future.

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