Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tea, Jammy Dodgers, and Daleks

Ok, I guess I am a full-fledged Doctor Who geek. I just can't get enough of that show. I suppose it really isn't a big surprise that I like it. It's all about magic and adventure and it's sort of a fairy tale in a way.

For the past week, I have been working on my second Doctor Who fan art. This time, just with the Eleventh Doctor. I may do one in the future with just his companion, Amy Pond, but I'm taking things one step at a time. I found out that I wouldn't be working until June, so this gave me some extra time to just mess around with my watercolors.

I decided to try and not use any line work on this one. Don't really know if I was successful in that. I still think it looks kind of messy. But then again, nothing is ever perfect in my opinion. I am, however, happy that this piece actually looks like the Eleventh doctor. I actually looked through my Doctor Who Magazine that I bought for photo references. Technically, I used photo references the last time, but I just don't think I was as into it as I was here. I came up with the pose and used my characteristic style. I think I mentioned here before that I tend to stretch figures out when I draw them. Well, in this case, that actually works because the actor who plays Doctor Who, Matt Smith, is actually a tall, lanky, clumsy (said with endearment of course) fellow. Some areas look awkward, but that almost sort of works.

But at least I got his face mostly correct. He has a very difficult face to draw. Deep-set eyes, angular jaw bone...I must have erased and re-drawn his eyes a hundred times.

And a little side note for those who don't know. Jammy Dodgers are cookies, or biscuits from England. They're like sandwich cookies with jam filling and you eat them with tea. I had no idea what they were before watching this show, but now I think I must find them. And for non-who nerds, the Daleks are the things in the sky behind The Doctor. They are his arch enemies.

Well, don't I feel even more dorky now.


  1. It is fabulous! I like the way the figure is stretched, it makes is much more interesting! I myself, prefer the "old" Dr. Who shows. My favorite Doctor was Peter Davidson. I even went to a Dr. Who convention once and met Colin Baker, and Patrick Troughton (I think that wass his name). So, who is the dork now?

  2. Wow! Seriously?! That is really awesome. I haven't watched much of the older series. I started getting into Doctor Who just last year, while David Tennant was still the Doctor. But I am really loving Matt Smith's doctor. I'll have to make time to watch some of the older ones.